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”...Daniel Gauthier's Above the storm is a melodic progressive masterpiece.''

Bob Russ, Progression magazine, USA

A masterpiece of sensitivity and fine instrumental taste uses.  If Yes's renewal needs an another member for its future projects, Daniel Gauthier seems to be the ideal man.”

J. Julio Iglesias, Atropos Art Rock Magazine, Spain

“The music sounds like a mix of 70's Yes and Pink Floyd...”
 Kinesis Record, USA

“One of the best recent symphonic prog releases...”

Raimo Eurasto, Colossus magazine # 14, Finland 

“This influence becomes even more apparent in the epic length track “Song for Them” [21:21] which to my ear takes it’s inspiration from the “Awaken” track of Going for the One''                      

                                                                                         Jerry Lucky , Canada

''…this artist has definitely succeeded in the creation of his own musical style,''

Denis, Passion Progressive, France

''a song-writer and a musician who possesses enormous musical abilities full of wisdom, implanting himself in the major league of great composers.''


''An acoustic guitar solo, this is intricate and so strong. I'm reminded to some degree of Steve Hackett. ''                                             

                                                                                                             Gary Hill, USA

The Wish shows a very high level of symphonic progressive music” 


Gauthier’s musical universe is clearly rooted in the progressive movement of the late 70’s created by Yes, Genesis and Pink Floyd, but the “dg” style has a definite  presence in his work.”                                                                                                                                                            Radio Indy, USA

« …Cross the Bridge, the 18 minutes long song, worth, by itself, the cd’s price !  You won’t believe your ears !”

Richard Guay, Québec Audio Vidéo, Canada

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