Daniel Gauthier was born on April 2, 1959, in Senneterre, Abitibi.


He began his musical journey in 1973 when he joined a local band called L’Odyssée.  Only three years later, when he was just seventeen, his first professionnal contract convinced him to leave his hometown for Sherbrooke, to join the songwriter Stephen Faulkner who was working on his first solo album. Daniel immediately connected with the beauty of the Eastern Townships and decided to stay there to collaborate on several regional cultural projects.


In 1997, after 24 years of work, he finally launched his first solo album: En ce jour et pour toujours. Originally considered strictly as a demo, Daniel used this album to introduce his musical universe and to present his multi-instrumentalist approach to the music industry. Even as a demo album, the many positive reviews of his work confirmed that Daniel was on the right path.


Three years later, in April 2000, Daniel released his second album, Above the Storm.

This album was acclaimed by reviewers from all around the world, many of whom didn’t hesitate to call this work “a masterpiece”… Powerful praise for an independently produced album.


It took  five more years before Daniel made a come back on CD.

In April 2005, he released a limited edition CD/DVD of a live performance of the title song The Wish. The beautiful art layout and the power and energy of the music both confirmed that the album The Wish would be very promising.


Finally, November 2008 marked the release date of The Wish (the album).

Daniel Gauthier chose to create the album as a “one man project”, which made the album a quite impressive undertaking.


Gauthier’s musical universe is clearly rooted in the progressive movement created by the biggest groups of the late 70’s, but, the “dg” style has a definite  presence in his work.

In 2012, Daniel released an "Unclassifiable" album named  Parentheses.

As its name suggests, this album recounts 45 years of diverse creations and collaborations going in all directions. Soft jazz, folk, blues and even humorous country are invited to the content of this engaging and destabilizing disc.

Gauthier only wanted to offer these pieces their legitimate place in the collective memory. "I gave myself this brief and touching parenthesis," he said in a radio interview.

From the first days of 2019, Daniel embarked on the making of two new albums: Someone and Altitude 16425. He acquired new equipment and instruments in order to achieve the sound result he hoped for. Being busy with the schedule of his daily work, he invests all these free time over 2 years in producing them.

His two new albums are now available on our online store.


He built and wanted Someone to be a melodic and accessible album.

Moving away a little from the long suites with multiple changing musical arrangements to which he had accustomed us, Daniel offers here a diverse and refreshing "music road trip".

His progressive rock is hidden here behind appearances of simple and effective songs. But beware of the illusion, there is nothing on the first level here.


Altitude 16425 is an exceptional "concept album".

Much more than a simple record, Daniel makes here a real auditory film.

The album opens with a soundtrack that ends almost an hour later, taking us on a powerful and revealing inner journey.

So dim the lights, pour yourself a cup of wine and do this inner journey yourself.

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